Terms and Conditions

WebiDebi India Pvt Ltd which official website is Webidebi.com is the Website Designing and Development , Online Promotion Company which deals in variety of web related Services. Here we are mentioning the terms , Conditions , Refund and Cancellation Policies and Disclaimers, Which is mandatory to signing up for each and every client or customer would have gone through with this and follow before and after proceeding with the order.

WebiDebi India Pvt Ltd has sole right to change or modify the policies , terms , Conditions , disclaimers , packages , prices , plans at any point of time , The information / Details / Prices / Plans / Services available at the website can be changed at any point of time without without any prior notice / intimation. Increase of prices would be sole decision of Webidebi India Pvt ltd. This would apply on new deals but the orders placed prior to the changes/modification will would be treated on previous price.

The client’s approval for work to commence must be deemed a contractual agreement between the Client and WebiDebi India Pvt Ltd. The acceptance of terms and conditions can be through

a. either an email confirming back the quote (with the quote document attached), or
b. the quote document signed by the client, or
c. the Client has given his/her approval to commence the work, or
d. the Client has made the Payment of the advance which indicates that the Client
accepts these terms and conditions and approves to commence the work.


In cases of reactivation of cancelled project/accounts , INR 15000 or US $ 200 will be charged

OverDue and Chargeback

If your account or project is overdue more then 7 days then all the technical support , Website , Data and other services would be suspended or deleted. Which will be sole decision of WebiDebi India Pvt. Ltd.

In case of dispute , chargeback or reverse the payment/transaction , Client’s account/project would be suspend/terminated and all kind of services like website, emails , data will be deleted immediately.

Late or Non Contact

In case contact details changed / not correct / or not updated by which client doesn’t receive the notification / notice or updates from WebiDebi India Pvt Ltd  and account/project/or any kind of services gets suspend or deleted or any other action taken by us then we ( WebiDebi India Pvt Ltd ) will not be responsible for the same. It’s Client’s responsibility to update the contact details and be in touch.

WebiDebi India Pvt Ltd is not promote or use the spamming or Unsolicited Commercial Email, We do not authorize to any other person to send the email on our behalf by using any other domain then “Webidebi.com”.

Project Development and Timeline

WebiDebi India Pvt ltd ensures the project delivery on time. Project is two way process where WebiDebi and Client will communicate with each other and follow the client’s feedback/approval before proceeding to the every phase of  the project. In case if client doesn’t reply or respond due to which project gets delays then WebiDebi India pvt ltd will not be responsible ,

Timeline given by WebiDebi will be according to initial settlement and can vary or increase or decrease based on modification of requirement while designing and development , and client’s responding. WebiDebi India pvt ltd will not take any responsibility of any kind of loss or damage caused due to timeline.


All payments for services at WebiDebi india pvt ltd or Webidebi.com have to be made in favor or “WebiDebi India Pvt Ltd” only and would be accepted by standard payment modes set by WebiDebi India pvt ltd.

We have not allowed or authorized any individual /Person / organization to collect the payments by any other name or account for the services offered by WebiDebi India pvt ltd. Here you are informed that in any circumstances  WebiDebi India Pvt ltd ( webidebi.com ) will not be responsible/liable for any loss or damage caused due to client’s or your transactions or payment made in favor of other name of fraudulent activities.

We suggest you to contact us immediately if any such activities which misleads you.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

The payment made for any services chosen by Client or you to WebiDebi India pvt ltd ( Webidebi.com ) is not refundable and no conversation or claim for full or partial refund will be entertained.

We Webidebi india pvt ltd ( Webidebi.com ) always do the good interaction and follow the client’s approval by which there is no provision for any kind of refund ( full or partial ).

Once you have placed the order would not be cancelled or claimed for any kind of refund ( full or partial ) as it sent for processing immediately. Client’s personal preferences changes in any time can not be the reason for refund or dispute or chargeback or reverse the transaction.

Jurisdictional and Dispute matter

All kind of legal dispute related to WebiDebi India Pvt Ltd ( Webidebi.com ) would be dealt in jurisdiction and territory of Delhi only. All the legal matters and issues are subjected only to appropriate contemporary’s laws in force at New Delhi to the jurisdiction of courts located in New Delhi only.

Above mentioned terms / condition and policies can be changed or modified at any time without prior notice and will be mentioned here.